Online card gambling tips and tactics


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It is theoretically very impossible to track specific cards in a shuffle. Online card gambling tips and tactics in online gambling the shuffle is almost random giving a better system in which you can exploit the nature of shuffling done by the computer giving an added advantage to land based casinos whereby the shuffling is handled by agents.


Always know that in a game of cards, there is any preference of cards. They are as random as possible and any kind of superstitions may render to bad habit of thinking that the casino might be tricking you in any way which is quite impossible.

Take no insurance

It is well know that when the odds are against you in an online casino game, the worst you can do is to take insurance since you will be betting to lose more money. You can only take insurance unless you know how to keep track of aces ratio and the cards which are yet to be played.

Online card gambling tips and tactics that can help you

Card game probability remains the same

In all kind of online casino games, even land based ones, the probability of winning or losing always remain the same before you start  any game. This means that the more money you bet, the more you are likely to either lose or win. As a professional gambler you should never get tempted of wanting to engage in progressive betting especially because you have lost so as to return your money. Chasing your loses does not guarantee you a win and it mostly turns out that you might lose sight lose more. The best way is to have a fixed bankroll bets which should be followed strictly.

Emotions are distractions: avoid them

Whenever you lose or win, you should never let it get into your head. Being happy or stressed will get rid of the focus and concentration needed in card games making your make playing strategy mistakes that might haunt you throughout the game. You must therefore not get emotional when playing card games to maximize your concentration and give you a better winning chance.

Master the basic strategy

You will always find the basic strategy chart online or in countless books. The chart should always be well memorized to know the possible combinations of dealers up card and also your hand. Decisions to be made concerning the splits double down and hit should be mastered by every online card playing gambler.

The myth of hot and cold

As a professional gambler, you want to be aware of what the online casino do not want you to know. They do not want you to beat them and as a result they will provide you with myths and misconceptions about the computer tables and the dealer. There exists none of cold or hot table in an online casino and knowing this should help you avoid the superstitious thoughts of wanting or avoiding luck at any point of your play.

Do not over bet

Some gamblers may start experience a series of wins and start believing that they are on a winning streak. Well, this is a very big mistake you can make when you are playing cards especially blackjack. Believing your are on a winning streak may tempt you to think of over betting and making foolish plays and you will lose all your money.

Even though it is impossible to have a very long winning streak in card game, Online card gambling tips and tactics certain skill factors are considered a better way of increasing your chances of winning online cad games. Using online tips above will help you win more cash and better your game as you have fun in gambling.

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