Basketball betting strategies that might help you


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The team sport that made a great impact on the world and humanity is one of the top lists in sports industries aside from boxing in Las Vegas. Basketball betting strategies that might help you Obviously, they had the National Basketball Association who has a popular landscape in both marketing and technological sides.

To break down the details for efficient sports betting strategies most especially on basketball, here are the top methodical ways:

  1. Handicap Bets

– The most noticeable type of sports betting. For example, the Golden State Warriors has negative 2.5 point rating while Cleveland Cavaliers has positive 2.5 points. Fundamentally speaking, if the handicap has accumulated negative points, you should deduct it from the final point’s sum of the team you had bet on. If the final point was positive, you will add the handicap for the score.

Basketball betting strategies that might help you to win huge amount of money

  1. Bets on Underdogs

– Let us redefine again the word underdog in the vocabulary- a competitor thought to have a little chance of winning a fight or contest.

There is a lot of favouritism here in this type of strategy. It lays in the betting psychological point of view. The so-called underdogs has a lot of good handicaps from the bookmakers.

In US college basketball scene, -53 percent of the time outsiders break the handicap of +17. This type of reasoning demonstrates the theory that in American sports outsiders are often underestimated by both fans and bookmakers. In case the later say that a given team has no chances in the upcoming match-that was a strong sign in using those type of benefit.

  1. Bets of Favourites

Almost every sports fans believed that the popular team/s tends to get the championship rings such as Los Angeles Lakers, Boston Celtics, Chicago Bulls and now Golden State Warriors. There was an equivalent identical move that could bring those teams into the championship.  The calibre of the coaches at the bench adds their weapon during the game.

In the case of Los Angeles Lakers, they broke the handicap forecast in less than 47% of their games despite of their bad home win-loss slate. The stat of -10 handicap rate was also broken by the Lakers in 37 percent of their matches. It clearly states that the bookmakers overestimated the strength of the team.

They had also same tendency if you will analyse it very carefully. In the psychological point of view, many players can feel the power of franchise while making a bet. It could be neither positive nor negative benefit/s.

  1. Bets on Totals

This type of strategy is also quite popular and has similarities in other sports. The bookmakers are offering a total of combined points scored by both teams. The task is to guess whether the teams will exceed the forecast amount or not. Usually, in the NBA, the total points are between 180 and 220 points while in European basketball games, it was a lower- 120 to 160 points.

The game between Detroit Pistons and Denver Nuggets on December 13, 1983, was the highest scoring game with the combined 370 total points.

The accumulated 1.5 points will be adjusted for the purpose of accepting the maximum wager on a basketball total. That was the standard of bookmakers in this type of betting strategy.

  1. Value Betting

Theoretically speaking, value betting means a bet on certain value. There was a little relation to casino games such as poker in an instance of analysing the moves and calculating the risk.

In order to succeed with this type of strategy, you need to understand that it will take some time in waiting for the right odd. Basketball betting strategies that might help you All odd are numerical based. Every sports gambling sites have their own specifics in tallying those numbers. Most of the time, a professional bettor will be the benefit of great odd due to existing logical and precise bookmaker analytics. They are counting their luck rather than real knowledge.

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